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What’s a brilliant example of defensive creativity?
“The whole fun in our game is being the underdog”

Advertising has lost the art of showing, not telling
Dave Trott reminisces about the bygone days of advertising when copywriters vividly brought products to life – and when all ads did not look the same.

How Advertising Blew Its Biggest Chance Since the Mad Men
Or, Why Media Flaming Out Isn’t Tech’s Fault — It’s Advertising’s Fault


Then and Now: The Bauhaus and 21st century design
Paper written for the centennial of the Bauhaus School for a special issue of a magazine series for the Bauhaus Association (In Germany). They changed the title to “Why we Need so Much More Than the Bauhaus” and made mine the first article, but not listed in the list of “Contributions by” on the cover, not in the “Contributors” Photos and biographies list at the start of the magazine, and not in the Table of Contents. Very creative of them.

Thinking Design
On trusting your gut, and other lost arts.

10 Reasons That Explain Graphic Design Company Is Your Next Place to Invest
Vibrant workplace needs a flawless flow of design. In need of addressing the challenge of steady design flow, we need to find the perfect balance between ease and positivity. One of the Graphic Design Company In Ahmedabad has excelled in the field. Here is a list of reasons that makes design as an utmost important factor for any business aspiring to reach success.

Soon, baseball fans won’t have to bear with Chief Wahoo.

Design Discourse Is In A State Of Arrested Development
A dearth of thoughtful design criticism has dire consequences for the profession–and society at large, writes Adobe’s Khoi Vinh.


Why I Write in PowerPoint
When writing business documents (aside from emails), most people turn to word-processing software. That’s not the only option. You can do everything — outlines, drafts, revisions, and even layouts, if you’d like — in PowerPoint or similar presentation programs.


Our love-hate relationship with PowerPoint
Blamed for a rise in passive behaviour, and a decline in curiosity among young people, this software is divisive – loved by some, hated by others – but has it had its day?

Screw Emotional Intelligence–Here’s The Key To The Future Of Work
This Y Combinator alum and former IBM Watson strategist believes the market value of one particular capability will soon outpace EQ.

The network effect
Being a good networker pays off — but it requires skill as well as shamelessness

How to keep productivity from killing your creativity
When you think about your favorite day of work, what comes to mind? Was it the day you answered 80 emails in an two-hour sprint? Or was it the day you discovered a new way to solve a problem you’d wrestled with for weeks? Chances are, you remember the day you did your best work better than the day you did the most work.

Creating value with less noise
Lately, I’ve noticed more cars with after-market upgrades that make them significantly noisier, but little else. A similar thing happens at work when extroverts drown out introverts in meetings. In Texas, all hat and no cattle describes things and people that generate significant noise without creating much value in the end.

Teaching — It’s about Inspiration, Not Information
Teaching is really about inspiration, not information. Effective teaching focuses on why and how, not what. The goal should be to spark each student’s imagination, to find a hook in their heart and mind so that they feel a need to learn the material. The rest is easy, because the student then drives his or her learning. My role as a teacher is to ask provocative questions, and to help the students make a path toward the answers. If they are motivated to find the path, they will carve it themselves. If I have to pull out a mental machete to expose the path, then I haven’t done my job.