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From Mr Steven Heller, More de Harak Greatest Hits. Makes me fall is love with graphic design all over again.

From Ms Ashman, a lively talk on Designing the Brands of 2050.

How the Ballpoint Pen Killed Cursive.

Life in the Big City captured in  Workfront report saying workers are too swamped to innovate.

Next in line after Mr Walker’s piece on How to Pay Attention, the flip side: The Perils of Peak Attention.

Old guys rule: The World’s Premier Alternative Icon: How Nick Cave Became an Arena Act in North America.  At age 61, underground rock icon Nick Cave and his band The Bad Seeds are about to embark upon the biggest tour of their career.

Made in S.A. on the road: Shiner Beer.

A tragic loss this week with the passing of Stan Lee. I’ve spent a fair amount of time this week reflecting on what a powerful influence he has had on my life. Of course, there are eulogies and countless other sources of praise for him elsewhere on the web, but HBR’s What Stan Lee Knew About Managing Creative People really struck home with me, because I manage creative folks in a similar manner. God bless you Mr Lieber.