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Finding ideas
Wouldn’t it be nice if ideas came nicely packaged and fully formed, waltzing up to us and proclaiming “Here I am, a brilliant idea ready to change the world!” That would make it so much easier! But no, they don’t just come — you have to go out and find them.

How to Create Change in Your Organization
As Heraclitus alluded to centuries ago, change is the only constant. This is as true now as it was in 500 BCE. In fact, change is more than constant, it is ubiquitous and palpable. Companies used to compete by optimizing operations and getting more efficient. But now advantages gained from efficiency are becoming the norm in every industry, and to compete it’s necessary to innovate and evolve. So how can you go about helping your organization change and adapt?

This 10-Minute Routine Will Increase Your Clarity And Creativity
What happens on your subconscious level influences what happens on your conscious level. In other words, what goes on internally, even unconsciously, eventually becomes your reality.

“It’s through drawing that your head starts working” – The New Yorker’s cartoonist Joost Swarte

Why this digital age calls for analogue agencies
Do we live in a digital age, or one in which analogue continues to thrive?


My 4 Moleskine’s for 2017. Will start a fifth in the coming days.

What’s in my moleskine from IDEO

10 Drawing Myths That Block Your Progress
Drawing seems like a fun skill. It makes it possible to bring your ideas out, to show them to others in shape and color. And all this with a few simple tools! No wonder that so many people dream of learning how to draw. Unfortunately, this kind of skill sometimes seems impossible to attain. Why is it harder than, let’s say, playing chess or cooking?

A deadline and a dream? What are the essential ingredients of the perfect creative brief?
A killer brief can make the difference between good and great creative work, writes Claire Bridges. It must tell your team where you are now and where you want to be

A Simplified Look Into The Design Thinking Process
The design thinking process consists five steps—emphatize, define, ideate, prototype and test. A scenario is also included for better understanding.



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A Stoic Guide To Workplace Peace Of Mind
The image of the Zen philosopher is the monk up in the green, quiet hills, or in a beautiful temple on some rocky cliff. The Stoic, on the other hand, is the antithesis of this idea. The Stoic is the man in the marketplace, the merchant on a voyage, the senator in the Forum, the soldier at the front. In other words, they are like you.

3 Tips for Bringing a Design Mindset to Large Companies
A few things I’d recommend to introduce a design mindset to a hierarchical organization…

Start with WHAT, not WHY
It seems I’m one of the only people to dare question the logic in Simon Sinek’s ‘Start with why’ approach to brands and business. So it was refreshing to read someone else raising concerns about it. “I can show you a ton of products that listen to the ‘Start with why’ speech and are being crushed,” suggested Joah Santos on Linked In. “There is no example of leading with why and having a success”.

Why David Ogilvy’s Advertising Bible Is Getting A Modern Update
That’s what David Letterman once asked David Ogilvy when the legendary ad exec was on Late Night in the early 1980s to promote his book Ogilvy on Advertising. He was referring to a 1951 ad campaign for Hathaway shirts that was the ’50s equivalent of a viral success. The thing about Ogilvy’s answer, even though it was about a print ad more than 35 years ago, is that it holds true today.

Storyframes before wireframes
Starting designs in the text editor.
Browsing a well-crafted interface is like reading a great story. As designers, why are we not incorporating screenwriting techniques more often into our process?

As media continues to evolve, grow and fragment, our attention has become more discerning and harder to hold. Advertising, however, continues to behave as if reach alone equals influence, and in doing so is in danger of being tuned out entirely, writes Hamish Cameron, Strategy Director at BBH LA.

Five explorative writing exercises that will surprise you about yourself
E.L. Doctorow once said: “Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing, and learn as you go.”

The uncomfortable secret to creative success is “disequilibrium”
It’s a Wednesday morning in the IDEO San Francisco studio. Bright sunshine reflects off the Bay and through the floor-to-ceiling windows. But in the project space, the mood is darker.

Asshole Is Not Another Word for Creative Genius
You’re 29 years old. You’re bright. You’re intuitively insightful. And man, your talent is some kind of sick. Already, you’ve got a few Pencils and a couple of Lions—that kind of sick. You look out ahead of you and you think nothing short of the Yellowstone supervolcano erupting is going to keep you from cruising straight to the top. But according to ad legend George Lois, you’re missing something. Something you better come by in a hurry, or you’re going exactly nowhere.

The Conversation of Design
Telling stories is an age-old way people share ideas. At, storytelling sits at the core of how we learn about the people whom we design solutions for. The stories we hear from people inspire great design, and we design great stories to inspire others.

The Advertising Industry Must Reimagine How Work Gets Done to Ever Really Become Diverse
The advertising industry knows it has a problem. For years now, ad executives have been having an ongoing discussion about diversity in the industry, or really the lack thereof.

Michael Bierut says never trust a designer who doesn’t like reading
Designers are geniuses at style, but rarely expected to wrestle with the words.

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Now You See It

Creative Capital – Not Creativity – Is What Your Brand Is Missing
The marketing world has a serious turnover problem. A recent studyrevealed that the average tenure of a marketer is 2.6 years — the shortest of any profession in the business world.

How the Mad Men lost the plot
The arrival of Facebook and Twitter appeared to threaten the advertising industry’s very existence. So what happened next?

“Hard Work, Attention to Detail,” and Paralyzing Fear: the Ups + Downs of Designing with Anxiety
Anxiety—true anxiety—is one such condition. It’s a double-edged sword: at times the self-criticism inherent with anxiety can encourage rigorous thinking. But that sort of detailed self-reflection can easily tip over into a state of perfectionism in which actually doing something can prove impossible. Like its frequent bedfellow depression, anxiety can strangle both a creative impulse and a person on a fundamental level.

Why Ideo’s Fred Dust Thinks We Must Relearn The Art Of Dialogue
At the Fast Company Innovation Festival, Ideo exec says we can solve problems by designing new ways to talk with each other—rather than at each other.

How to influence culture

Is Efficiency Killing Brands?
Digital marketing has unleashed an obsession with efficiency and short-termism, one that’s trading long-term brand-building for short-term ROI. We’ve put the golden goose in a battery farm of scientific efficiency, and it’s killing the brand, business growth and profit.

2017.10.28 links

The Lifelong ROI of Coaches and Mentors
“When I think about the times I’ve made the most rapid progress in my life, it always has been when I was working with a coach or mentor.”

Find the space for your creative ideas
Creative types can be very territorial and protective of their ideas, but we need to get more comfortable with putting them out there, says Mother’s executive creative director.

Invisible design: why less is more
The hardest-working designers – and some of their best design decisions – are the ones you don’t even notice.

I really dig Mansion Lo. Found a nice article at It’s Nice ThatManshen Lo creates surreal, comic-inspired observational illustrations.

Google and the Resurgence of Italian Design
Once upon a time, we had products that were colorful, in shapes that were quirky, whimsical, and expressive. Interesting! And then, almost every tech product became white, silver, gray, black, flat, square, round, and minimalist. Boring. But there are hints that this is changing. And one of the leaders of this change is, somewhat improbably, Google.

Apprenticeships, long common in blue-collar industries, are coming to white-collar office work

Why design for experience? Because designing isn’t the only thing that designers do
Experience Design has become one of those annoying business terms that is grossly overused and widely misunderstood.

THE DIGITAL WORLD is at an inflection point, and the implications demand that organizations—from big companies to startups to marketing agencies—hire designers who are smart generalists.

How to create a culture of design in your organisation

The Future of Advertising Is All about Experiential Marketing
As traditional advertising formats – print, spots, web banners, and their ilk – continue to lose impact and relevance, brand stewards must re-frame their marketing approaches to reflect a new, values-based relationship between consumers and brands. One rapidly emerging solution, in the opinion of many creative leaders, is “experiential marketing,” often expressed in the form of temporary or pop-up, brick-and-mortar installations or shops.

‘Sprint’ Author Jake Knapp Built You a New To-Do List
Man, I hate to-do lists. Checking off finished tasks feels good, but the glow of accomplishment masks an ugly truth: Most to-dos are just reactions to other people’s priorities, not mine. And no matter how many tasks I finish, I’m never done — more to-dos are always waiting to take their place. To-do lists just perpetuate the feeling of “unfinishedness” that dogs modern life.

Is the Static Logo Dead?
There’s a bit of disruption happening in the world of logos. The single static logo isn’t enough to carry your brand anymore. You actually need a library of logos to meet all the needs of your brand.

How to futureproof yourself as a designer
Master the art of constant evolution in an ever-changing environment.

10 things I wish every design student knew
This week I had the privilege of speaking to design students at two universities about my career. Here are some of the things I shared, most of which were answers to their questions.


2017.10.21 links

Get Ideas Out of Your Head & Into the World
In reality, creativity requires a complex set of skills, attitudes, and actions, intimately related to imagination, innovation, and entrepreneurship. To harness our creativity, we need a robust set of definitions for all parts of the creative and entrepreneurial process.

Nike’s Chief of Design Doodles All Day

The Culture Cliché
If you’re looking to shift your company culture, it starts with understanding what culture is in the first place.

Design in the Age of Anxiety
To create a better future, understand the now

Focusing on a Flexible Future: A Talk with Jeffrey Feldman

I Used Design Thinking To Reinvent My Career—Here’s Why It Worked
A former lawyer explains how the methodology led her to try out life as a pastry chef before getting a master’s in psychology.

Two articles by Mauro Porcini, SVP & Chief Design Officer at PepsiCo
The world is changing. And Design? and Confidence, Elegance and Leadership

Zen and the Art of Designing Startups
How Kelly Robinson creates inspiring offices for the likes of Airbnb, Headspace, and SoundCloud.

A Short Guide to Strategy for Entrepreneurs
It sometimes appears that the traditional rules of business are being upended by today’s mega-trends of multisided platforms, big data, machine learning and AI, crowdsourcing, the internet of things (IoT), and more. These trends have transformed the world of business immeasurably. But they have certainly not repealed the timeless rules of strategy.

The Joys of the Creative Scrapbook
Whether stored in book or digital form, having a scrapbook of ideas and inspiration can be vital to creativity, says advertising creative director Hugh Todd.

Exclusive: Ideo’s Plan To Stage An AI Revolution
The prominent design consultancy acquires Datascope, a Chicago-based data science company, to help merge machine learning and human-centered design.

The Best New Graphic Design Books in 2017
Discover 40 new graphic design books are filled with ideas, advice and inspiration.

Why design for experience? Because designing isn’t the only thing that designers do
Experience Design has become one of those annoying business terms that is grossly overused and widely misunderstood.