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2017.10.21 links

Get Ideas Out of Your Head & Into the World
In reality, creativity requires a complex set of skills, attitudes, and actions, intimately related to imagination, innovation, and entrepreneurship. To harness our creativity, we need a robust set of definitions for all parts of the creative and entrepreneurial process.

Nike’s Chief of Design Doodles All Day

The Culture Cliché
If you’re looking to shift your company culture, it starts with understanding what culture is in the first place.

Design in the Age of Anxiety
To create a better future, understand the now

Focusing on a Flexible Future: A Talk with Jeffrey Feldman

I Used Design Thinking To Reinvent My Career—Here’s Why It Worked
A former lawyer explains how the methodology led her to try out life as a pastry chef before getting a master’s in psychology.

Two articles by Mauro Porcini, SVP & Chief Design Officer at PepsiCo
The world is changing. And Design? and Confidence, Elegance and Leadership

Zen and the Art of Designing Startups
How Kelly Robinson creates inspiring offices for the likes of Airbnb, Headspace, and SoundCloud.

A Short Guide to Strategy for Entrepreneurs
It sometimes appears that the traditional rules of business are being upended by today’s mega-trends of multisided platforms, big data, machine learning and AI, crowdsourcing, the internet of things (IoT), and more. These trends have transformed the world of business immeasurably. But they have certainly not repealed the timeless rules of strategy.

The Joys of the Creative Scrapbook
Whether stored in book or digital form, having a scrapbook of ideas and inspiration can be vital to creativity, says advertising creative director Hugh Todd.

Exclusive: Ideo’s Plan To Stage An AI Revolution
The prominent design consultancy acquires Datascope, a Chicago-based data science company, to help merge machine learning and human-centered design.

The Best New Graphic Design Books in 2017
Discover 40 new graphic design books are filled with ideas, advice and inspiration.

Why design for experience? Because designing isn’t the only thing that designers do
Experience Design has become one of those annoying business terms that is grossly overused and widely misunderstood.

2017.10.13 links

All ideas want is to fit

Words still matter
Medium’s mission — five years in

How Graphic Design Is Evolving

Max De Pree, 1924-2017
Former CEO Max De Pree’s relationships with designers and architects put human-centered, problem-solving design at the heart of the company he served for more than 40 years.

How to fail in digital
Over the past few years, companies have gotten increasingly better at wasting their time and money in digital.

Print Ain’t Dead!
“Print is in a co-dependent, productive relationship with digital, and the function, meaning, and use of a magazine is simply evolving as times and habits change. It’s no surprise that the Internet does fast, cheap disposable content and vital, instant news much better than print does, which is why newspapers have had to adapt: its true a certain kind of print is dying, but digital media has created a space for more interesting, thoughtful, and innovatively-designed printed material.”

Creativity in constraint: Unlock new forms of video storytelling with 6-second YouTube bumper ads

The Vision of Charles and Ray Eames
How two designers from the 20th century influenced and predicted the way people would live in the 21st

The Physics of Luck
LUCK—success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions

John Le Carre: Storytelling Lessons For Managers
“No problem exists in isolation, one must first reduce it to its basic components, then tackle each component in turn.”

Design Systems are for People

An Innovative Approach for Aligning Marketing with Sales

After 15 years of “hey, your big ideas don’t matter”, Colleen DeCourcy, Global ECD at Wieden + Kennedy Portland, can see a “correction” coming in advertising, and it will come through a trusting and nurturing relationship between creatives and clients.

2017.09.30 links

I honestly did not think I read that much this week. Here is the best of the best…

The Future Belongs to Creativity: Why We’re Doubling Down on the Creative Agency

Satya Nadella’s Guide to the Future

8 Tips for Launching Your Own Agency in a Time of ‘Disruption and Chaos’
The industry has problems, but you may be the solution

I actually quoted this for a corporate PowerPoint design this week. See how much grief I get:
The 10-20-30 Rule for Keynote Presentations for Ad Agency New Business
Clarity, brevity and connectivity are key for winning presentations.

How Creatives Can Keep Up With Changing Technology (And Not Be Replaced By It)

The digital ad industry is officially out of ideas

Brands, Agencies and Publishers Make the Case for Optimism in the Creative Industry
Consumers want brands to take a stand

Chris Ware’s Really Big Novelty Book

Everything Is Narrative: Why Story-Based Branding is Your Secret Weapon

The Wizard Of 3D Printing On What Comes Next
Joris Laarman, whose first major survey opens at the Cooper Hewitt this week, spoke to Co.Design about the future of digital design.

What the Premier League can teach brands about social media engagement

5 Ways to Design a Website People Actually Want to Visit, According to an Expert
A minimalist design is the way to go. Here’s how to achieve it.

Killer Business Advice From Salvador Dali
5 tips from the creative genius with entrepreneurship running through his veins.

Michael Bierut: “The differences between mass culture and elite culture are getting less meaningful”

2017.09.23 links

How Design Thinking Builds the World’s Best Business
From creating products to building companies, the principles of Design Thinking are what drive success for today’s best businesses.

Great Sales Presentation–Now, Leave Something Behind That Will Help Close The Deal

When Copy Loves Itself Too Much
I’m not a narcissist, but sometimes my copy is.

UX Designers: This is why your creativity is stalling
Creativity is a skill, a practice, a method — it’s work, not magic. And yet there are times when it won’t flow, when your brain chokes up and refuses to bring you anything new or interesting. It’s incredibly frustrating to be dependent on something you can’t always summon at will.

What Comes After User-Friendly Design?
The design industry needs a new way to talk to users–one that isn’t just friendly, but respectful.

So, does user experience design really exist?
A bit of rant, another of abstraction. Things that go by unspoken

Here’s What Happened To My To-Do List When I Embraced Procrastination
Surprisingly, it didn’t balloon out of control.

The Simple Way To Win New Business Using LinkedIn

Monasticism & How to Avoid Distraction

Prophetic Words from David Ogilvy to Ad Agencies, Sell or Else

Frank Baseman’s Inner Ben Franklin

The art of less: an advertising lesson from Bill Bernbach – and Bruce Lee
Less is more, so they say.