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And then there was light

Last weekend I built a light box. Over years I’ve talked about building one to photograph and catalog my portfolio. After a few decades in the business you end up with tons of samples, and they take up an awful lot of space in your house. In my never-ending quest to minimize my life, I’m finally taking care of this stuff.

The set-up is simple. I used an old moving box that has been in the rafters in the garage for years as the walls. To diffuse the light, I cut up an old piece of plastic, also from the garage. Using the kids’ lamps and bright soft white bulbs, the light box created a pleasing glow.

I shot pictures for almost 3 hours on Saturday. There’s still a ton of Photoshopping to be done, of course, because unlike my photographer friends, I cannot create the in-camera magic the way they can. That’s what separates us ordinary folks from the professionals.