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2017.09.23 links

How Design Thinking Builds the World’s Best Business
From creating products to building companies, the principles of Design Thinking are what drive success for today’s best businesses.

Great Sales Presentation–Now, Leave Something Behind That Will Help Close The Deal

When Copy Loves Itself Too Much
I’m not a narcissist, but sometimes my copy is.

UX Designers: This is why your creativity is stalling
Creativity is a skill, a practice, a method — it’s work, not magic. And yet there are times when it won’t flow, when your brain chokes up and refuses to bring you anything new or interesting. It’s incredibly frustrating to be dependent on something you can’t always summon at will.

What Comes After User-Friendly Design?
The design industry needs a new way to talk to users–one that isn’t just friendly, but respectful.

So, does user experience design really exist?
A bit of rant, another of abstraction. Things that go by unspoken

Here’s What Happened To My To-Do List When I Embraced Procrastination
Surprisingly, it didn’t balloon out of control.

The Simple Way To Win New Business Using LinkedIn

Monasticism & How to Avoid Distraction

Prophetic Words from David Ogilvy to Ad Agencies, Sell or Else

Frank Baseman’s Inner Ben Franklin

The art of less: an advertising lesson from Bill Bernbach – and Bruce Lee
Less is more, so they say.

2017.09.17 Links

Where Does the Design Agency Go from Here?

Why Brands and Agencies Are Preparing for the Era of 6-Second Ads

Louis Danziger. Work. Think. Feel.
A few years ago a publisher asked Lou Danziger to give advice to art students. He offered these words – “Work. Think. Feel.” – and elaborated thus: Work: “No matter how brilliant, talented, exceptional, and wonderful the student may be, without work there is nothing but potential and talk.”Think: “Design is a problem-solving activity. Thinking is the application of intelligence to arrive at the appropriate solution to the problem.” Feel: “Work without feeling, intuition, and spontaneity is devoid of humanity.”

Advertising Is Becoming Part of The Gig Economy
Are short-term people and thinking the future of an imperiled industry?

Can agencies compete on creativity alone?

Defining a creative agency
It is a company that offers a combination of strategy, design, technology and advertising services to clients, it is creative or expert lead, it’s made up primarily of creative professionals, and it’s often strongly defined by values. They come in many shapes but knowing what you are is very important to growing as a company. Identity helps you understand what you are good at, where you create value and where you are headed.

Describe Your Ad Agency in Six Words or Less

A Stoic Response to Rejection

How Batman Made Me Fall In Love With Comic Books

A beautiful book

Celebrating Cipe
An Anthem for an Unsung Hero

2017.09.08 links

I’m between books at the moment, so lots of online reading this week:

Creative Play and Rejecting the Don Draper School of Idea Generation

IBM quietly built the world’s largest digital agency — here’s how it got there

It’s a strange but great time to be a creative

Louise Fili: Never Sit and Wait for the Phone to Ring
The design icon lunched with 99U at Via Carota in the West Village, whose logo she created for its launch in 2015, to talk about why your studio’s name matters, the reason your client’s person in charge must be present at all meetings, and what happens when you serve gelato at your studio presentations.

Have a Great Idea for an App?
Here’s What You Need to Know to Fund It. Crowdfunding can be your friend.

Need to be creative on demand? Learn how.If you work in the creative industry  – or in any industry, it’s fairly standard that you are expected to come up with innovative solutions to briefs-problems as part of your day job. And sometimes that can just seem beyond you – you are fresh out of freshness. What to do then?

Why I love my job, but (sometimes) hate my industry

30 Books You Need to Read to Earn “Well-Read” StatusWith this list, you’ll feel like you can dominate the Trivial Pursuit literature section.

A couple of great articles about the state of advertising from Forbes:
How Henry Ford Ate Your Advertising Brain
Advertising Is Commoditized — But You Don’t Have To Be

Microsoft’s Dave Coplin leaves to set up ‘envisioning’ consultancy

Creative Class Hero
Tomoko Miho is one of the design world’s best kept secrets

LCD Soundsystem Is Back. But This Is Not the Same LCD Soundsystem.
After six years, the band returns with American Dream. But was it worth the wait?

Social Media Has Hijacked Our Minds.
Click Here to Fight It.

And finally, from Mr Dave Trott, whom I have become a big fan…

2017.05.07 links

Creative Careers Demand Reinvention
We are what we do. Until the guillotine drops and we have to become our next best self, an equally terrifying and exhilarating prospect.

A Portrait of I. M. Pei at (Nearly) 100

The Secret to Achieving True Work-Life Balance? Minimizing Choice
Simplify your work and life for maximum mental well-being

Creative director, studio founder and lecturer Craig Oldham’s Creative Lives

Hear the New ‘Tagline‘ on Inspiring Creativity, With Dan Lin, Mike Sheldon and Michael Beneville

Why Every Artist Should be a Great Storyteller
Expertly telling your story is the best kind of organic marketing you can do to promote your art because people care almost as deeply about how you create, as they do about the end product.

His Holiness Pope Francis: Why the only future worth building includes everyone

Proof That Design Is Good For Business, In 8 Statistics
Design is being severely underutilized by manufacturers, according to the National Endowment for the Arts.

2017.04.29 links

A brief visual history of Studio Ghibli

What a Copyeditor Earns, 2017

Giovanni Pintori Research
I stumbled on to this site. Glad I did; reminds me why I love design.


Sean Adams
These Moxie guys have a great site. Love the interviews.

The Pope Francis TED Talk Quote That Could Save Your Business

Audi has a fabulous style guide/brand identity site.

What’s in a Name: How The Title “Art Director” Limits the Role of Design in Publishing

At 60, Mark Monteiro Is Thriving in the Youth-Centric Ad World by Avoiding the Temptation to Live in the Past

How to Stay Relevant as a Graphic Designer Today

35 Books Every Designer Should Read

The Incredible Ways Running Changes Your Brain, According to Science

Why copywriters and creatives need to be critics too

75 Resources for Writing Incredible Copy that Converts