rat = michael ratcliff

I’m a creative director who combines big ideas and good design with sound strategy to help businesses talk to their customers or other businesses. When I’m not greasing the wheels of capitalism, you can find me running through the countryside, have my nose buried in a book or spending time with my family.


The Flowery Version

All too often I hear “… and make it pretty”. Let’s be clear from the start: I do not make things pretty; I make things that work. That’s not to say that the things I make are not aesthetically pleasing, but first and foremost, I design to make things happen.

My approach to work is simple: make great design everyday. Every project is an opportunity to create something special and make a difference for my clients and their customers. To do this, I use the latest tools, techniques and technologies to their fullest. Above all else, I always look for ways to create positive change.

Here’s some positive change: A print ad that not only educates a very skeptical audience, but one that also crushes a readership survey in the process. Or a web experience that promotes loyalty to existing customers while selling services to new ones. Or a sales campaign that succeeds at such a high level that order cannot be fulfilled.

Although most of my work is B2B, I occasionally touch consumer work and have an extensive background with recruitment advertising. My work runs the gamut of industries, from energy and financial to retail and cultural. Print, digital, big ideas, project management – it’s all a design problem to me.

Anyone can hack code. Anyone can publish from the desktop. I have had a long, steady stream of successful projects, happy clients and my fair share of awards. My work is conceptually solid and results driven. And occasionally, quite pretty.

*BTW — Mickey Mouse isn’t pictured here because I really like him or for irony or anything like that. I got this mug back in 1989, about a month into my first job out of college and Mickey has been with my the whole time.

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