I’m between books at the moment, so lots of online reading this week:

Creative Play and Rejecting the Don Draper School of Idea Generation

IBM quietly built the world’s largest digital agency — here’s how it got there

It’s a strange but great time to be a creative

Louise Fili: Never Sit and Wait for the Phone to Ring
The design icon lunched with 99U at Via Carota in the West Village, whose logo she created for its launch in 2015, to talk about why your studio’s name matters, the reason your client’s person in charge must be present at all meetings, and what happens when you serve gelato at your studio presentations.

Have a Great Idea for an App?
Here’s What You Need to Know to Fund It. Crowdfunding can be your friend.

Need to be creative on demand? Learn how.If you work in the creative industry  – or in any industry, it’s fairly standard that you are expected to come up with innovative solutions to briefs-problems as part of your day job. And sometimes that can just seem beyond you – you are fresh out of freshness. What to do then?

Why I love my job, but (sometimes) hate my industry

30 Books You Need to Read to Earn “Well-Read” StatusWith this list, you’ll feel like you can dominate the Trivial Pursuit literature section.

A couple of great articles about the state of advertising from Forbes:
How Henry Ford Ate Your Advertising Brain
Advertising Is Commoditized — But You Don’t Have To Be

Microsoft’s Dave Coplin leaves to set up ‘envisioning’ consultancy

Creative Class Hero
Tomoko Miho is one of the design world’s best kept secrets

LCD Soundsystem Is Back. But This Is Not the Same LCD Soundsystem.
After six years, the band returns with American Dream. But was it worth the wait?

Social Media Has Hijacked Our Minds.
Click Here to Fight It.

And finally, from Mr Dave Trott, whom I have become a big fan…